CHT Sustainability Report 2021

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)


The CHT Group

Strong company, strong character

The CHT Group is a globally acting group of companies focusing on the development, production, and sale of specialty chemicals as process aids, function generators, and additives for industrial applications. Our products improve the quality, the functionality, and the performance of textiles, construction materials, paints, coatings, paper, leather as well as cleaning and care products. Moreover, we provide the mold making and prototyping industry, medical engineering, transportation, and the electronics industry with sophisticated silicone elastomers.

Combining of competences

The headquarters of our group, CHT Germany GmbH in Tübingen, is also a center of competence for the Business Fields (BF) of Textile, Textile Care Solutions, Construction & Assembly, and General Industries. Our center of competence for textile dyes (this product line belongs to BF Textile) is managed at CHT Switzerland AG in Montlingen.

The center of competence for polymers is managed at CHT Turkey Kimya in Istanbul, and the center of competence for paper chemicals has been divided between the group’s headquarters in Germany and CHT Brasil Quimica Ltda. in Piracaia, Brasil. The center of competence for wax chemistry is managed at our site Keim Additec Surface GmbH in Kirchberg, Germany.

The centers of competence aim at combining the strong points of technology and marketing in our group of companies and at controlling the worldwide business development by applying new technologies and providing technical support. This structure also enables us to continually develop innovative products, applications, or processes.

Constant ownership structure

All companies of the CHT Group belong to the RB Beitlich Industriebeteiligungen GmbH (RBI) privately owned by two foundations, namely the Beitlich Familien Stiftung (Beitlich family foundation) and the charitable Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung (Reinhold Beitlich social foundation).

The corporate structure of the CHT Group

In 2021, the two companies CHT Brasil Quimica Ltda. and CHT Quimipel Brazil Quimica Ltda. merged to form CHT Brasil Quimica Ltda.

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