CHT Sustainability Report 2020


Our sustainability goals

Energy & resource managementLong-term energy savings: Within the next 5 years the specific energy consumption (per kg of product produced) per site will be decreased by 5% A total reduction of energy consumption of CHT Germany of 1.290 MWh/a will be achieved Renewable energies: Within the next 5 years the share of renewable energies will be increased by 20%CHT Group reduced the specific energy consumption 2015 - 2020 by -7% CHT Germany reduced the total energy consumption since 2015 by 3,358 Mwh 2020: CHT Group share of renewable energy is 21% and 72% of purchased power is based on renewable sourcesEcology
ISO 9001/14001 Certificates100% of CHT (production) sites certifiedRealization of ISO 14001 in all production site besides South Africa (postponed to 2021 because of covid-19 situation)Ecology
Raw materialsReduction of the consumption and the handling of critical raw materials within the CHT GroupElimination of critical raw materials all subgoals have been achieved group-wide evaluation of >3,000 raw material; >70% of globally used raw material are non criticalEcology
Product rangeHighest possible share of sustainable products of group wide sales, but at least > 65Sales share with sustainable products: 62% (goal missed due to classification changes in the chemical inventory) New groupwide sustainability classification system defined Focus on the development of new sustainble productsSociety
Chemical standards
in textile finishing
Introduction of worldwide valid standard for textile productions (cannot be realized by CHT alone)Foundation of SCTI initiative - CHT is foundation memberEffects of Sustainability
StaffValues are met at all worldwide site Increase in worldwide diversity CSR management according to UN Global compact standard Values are lived at all sites, worldwide Follow up of Code of conduct and UN Global compact targets Establishement of a corporate Compliance Manager in 2020Effects of Sustainability

PurchasingSustainability rate of suppliers > 85 (global purchasing for strategic raw materials)Achievement rate 2020 (global purchasing for strategic raw materials): 91%Ecology

The above list of goals and projects for 2020 is documented in several chapters of this Sustainability Report.

Uniform action

Our customer portfolio ranges from global key accounts via medium-sized companies up to small local finishing companies. With a broad portfolio of different competences, processes, technologies and products we serve customers from different industries.

By combining know-how and resources we position ourselves as creative solution provider. As a global company, we see it as our responsibility to harmonize the different conditions within individual markets and their participants in the long term by adopting a uniform approach. We do this by implementing our commitment to sustainability in all company areas and markets in which we operate.

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