CHT Sustainability Report 2021

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)



Sustainable Product PortfolioReaching a sales target of 67% with ECO Range products64% of CHT Group global sales have been achieved with ECO classified products Ökologie
Climate ProtectionCalculation of first climate balance for CHT Group (Scope 1, 2 & 3)
Definition of climate strategy to reach annual GHG savings of 4.2% (Scope 1 + 2) and 2.5% reduction of Scope 3 emissions
Commitment to SBTi by December 7, 2021
Business ambition for 1.5°C campaign and net zero commitment
Scope: entire CHT Group represented by CHT GER as HQ
Internal ProcessesReducing specific energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation by -10% until 2025
Roll-out of ISO 5001 certification to KAS
Implementation of standard calculation for the work incidents within CHT Group and definition of reduction targets until 2025
Specific energy consumption:
327 kWh/ton
Specific water consumption:
1,230 l/ton
Specific waste generation:
49 kg/ton
Appointment of an energy officer for each CHT company
Definition of reduction targets per CHT company / CHT site
incident rate of 1.6 (globally)
Supplier ManagementKeeping 88% of purchase volume with sustainable suppliers
100% of suppliers are ISO 9001 certified
>80% of suppliers are ISO 14001 certified
100% of suppliers signed the CHT Code of Conduct
88.5% of strategic raw material sourcing with sustainable classified suppliersGesellschaft
Circular EconomyIncreasing number of products based on bio-based or recycled raw material
Participation in VCI project circular economy & digitalization
Increasing number of textile products with C2C rated MHC
Focusing R&D on sustainable polymers
Launch of 5 new products based on recycled or bio-based raw material
Implementation of internal sustainable polymers conference (R&D team globally)
von Nachhaltigkeit
EcoVadis CertificationReaching a score of at least 67Score of 65Auswirkungen
von Nachhaltigkeit


The above list of goals and projects for 2021 is documented in several chapters of this Sustainability Report.


Our customer portfolio ranges from global key accounts and medium-sized companies down to small local finishing companies. In 2021, the CHT Group entered the end-user customer business (B2C) for the first time via retail chains by introducing a sustainable household detergent.

With a broad portfolio of different competences, processes, technologies, and products, we serve customers from different industries, and now even end-user customers.

By combining know-how and resources, we position ourselves as a creative solution provider. As a global company, we see it as our responsibility to harmonize the different conditions within individual markets and their participants in the long term by adopting a uniform approach. We do this by implementing our commitment to sustainability in all company areas and markets in which we operate.

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