CHT Sustainability Report 2020


Lifelong learning

Learning and personal development are essential success factors for a positive corporate culture. The skills and competencies of our employees are crucial for profitable growth and lasting success. For this reason, we want to further modernize the learning culture and promote self-directed learning even more strongly. Therefore, the CHT Group invested almost 1 million EUR into further education development in 2020. For the targeted and individual promotion of all skills we offer versatile measurements and tools for the further development and education of our staff:

English as a corporate language

CHT has set itself the goal of establishing English as the corporate language for the entire Group. For this reason CHT cooperates with an external partner who runs an outstanding digital English school. In this school English can be learned via self-study, in group courses and in individual training. In 2020, more than 100 employees from all over the world received a one-year license for this online English school as a pilot group.

Regular staff development meetings are held to determine their status and to discuss and evaluate personal performance and further development opportunities.

This versatile support ranges from initiatives in the work place up to tailor-made personnel development programs. In 2020, the formats of employee interviews were modernized, partly digitalized and established worldwide to the entire CHT Group.

Further offers include:

Well informed

Various forms of media are used to inform our worldwide staff of 2,261 persons, directly at their sites and centrally from Germany. We are convinced that only well and comprehensively informed staff members can identify with the company.

At all sites, we provide prompt information about all significant operational changes in the form of digital communication and postings. At German sites and in Switzerland via regular employee information events where anyone can ask questions. We make use of written staff information which can be made available via notice boards, email or intranet to all staff members of our Group of companies. Depending on the site our worldwide staff are informed by information boards, email, prints, regular meetings, webchat and video conference systems.

Our staff newspaper 2GETHER published one bilingual / digital edition in 2020 and reported on all important events in the Group.

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