CHT Sustainability Report 2020

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The CHT Group considers itself to be a strategic and innovative partner of the textile industry. Our vast range of sophisticated auxiliaries, function generators and textile dyes cover the complete textile chain, from fiber manufacturing via pre-treatment, dyeing, textile printing and flock up to finishing and coating and finally jeans & garment. Our customers in this market segment are textile manufacturers and textile finishing companies all over the world.

The CHT Group makes its contribution to establish sustainability aspects within the international textile value chain. Thereby we support the goal of a worldwide compliance with uniform labor, social and environmental standards. To achieve this goal, we are working internally on our sustainability goals and are committed nationally and internationally at association level and with our customers, partners and NGOs.

For years we have particularly focused on developing auxiliaries and dyes which help save energy, time, waste and water in the production process. Here, we develop customer-oriented processes that are tailored to the production facilities and the articles to be manufactured.

Textile Care

We mainly develop perfectly adjusted washing and care concepts which meet the requirements of modern laundries. Our current product and process development is not only focused on achieving excellent washing results but particularly on saving water, energy and time and on using less chemicals.

Our customers include worldwide-operating industrial laundry groups that run supra-regional laundries and are often specialized in working clothes and hygiene processes.

Moreover, we also assist locally operating customers in the so-called OPL segment. In general, these are smaller laundries, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes. Companies finishing feather and down complete our customer portfolio.

General industries

This Business Field serves many different market segments: These include the paper and pulp industry (sophisticated process aids and special coatings), the cleaning and care agent industry (Consumer Care), the agricultural chemistry, the leather finishing industry (silicone specialized as process aids, function generators and additives) as well as the mining industry (process aids).

There was a change in business field management at the end of 2020. Levi Cottington, Managing Director of CHT USA, took over the position as Business Field Manager for General Industries from Dr. Ralf Brückmann, who retired at the end of the year.

In addition to silicone oils, emulsions and defoamers, our silicone range includes silicone gels and gums, which were added to the portfolio by the ICM in 2017.

Sophisticated silicone elastomers are additionally offered for numerous industrial applications. The focus is on model and mold making, the automotive industry, aerospace, electronics, LED technology, medical engineering, pad printing and industrial bonding and sealing. All over the world, silicones are seen as products with a good CO2 balance as they are superior to other polymeric raw materials due to their physical properties.

Construction and Assembly

As a producer and provider of additives and specialist chemicals for the paint and coatings industry and the construction materials industry we set ourselves the goal of supporting our customers with efficient components and innovative solutions. Our portfolio comprises wetting, dispersing and leveling agents, rheological additives, defoamers and wax formulations for surface modification as well as hydrophobic impregnating agents.

The range of rheology additives is largely based on renewable raw materials such as guar and starch. Our customers mainly operate in the paint and coatings industry and produce, among other things, interior and exterior wall paints, printing inks and overprint varnishes, automotive and industrial coatings as well as wood coatings. In the construction materials industry, we supply manufacturers of mortars, screeds or fillers, as well as producers of cement, concrete and their finished products with natural rheological additives, plasticizers, anti-settling agents or hydrophobic impregnating agents.

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