CHT Sustainability Report 2020


Human rights

Human rights – demand and respect worldwide

The CHT Group commits itself to its responsibility to respect human rights. We have anchored this in our Code of Conduct. In our own business activities, it is our goal to avoid human rights violations. As agents in global value chains we are dependent on numerous partners, and we demand that they also respect human rights and the associated standards. Criteria for reviewing and observing human rights are integrated into our Group companies worldwide, including supplier evaluation, investment and acquisition projects and systems for reviewing labor and social standards.

After the introduction of our compliance directives (Code of Conduct) we also bind our suppliers and selected customers to observe these directives.

The strict respect of human rights by our business partners is a criterion to establish lasting business relations. Insisting on this we want to guarantee and assure the respect of our Code of Conduct by our business partners. We are aware of a site-related residual risk with regard to forced and compulsory labor (as well as child labor). Since 2016, the CHT Group has been a member of the UN Global Compact and we want to further intensify our commitment worldwide.


Protect from discrimination

Our staff members reflect our global presence and our philosophy of cultural diversity. As an international Group with employees from many different nationalities we make protection from discrimination a top priority. We do not tolerate any discrimination on account of race, ethnic origin, religion, ideology, gender, disability, age or sexual identity of our employees. Regular training ensures that our employees are familiar with the contents of the General Equal Treatment Act (German AGG) and that they act and comply with these rules. In all parts of our company and also in our relationships with our business partners equal cooperation values apply. With the mandatory worldwide introduction of the Code of Conduct we want to ensure equal treatment.

No child labor

We strictly reject all forms of child labor. At our sites we consistently comply with the local provisions on the minimum age of our employees. Where such rules do not exist, decisions are made in accordance with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. We are aware of the site-related residual risk, but we know the age of each employee. Considering this and having our suppliers’ signature of our Code of Conduct we aim to reduce this risk.

Co-determinates by law

We explicitly promote our employees’ rights. We respect our employees’ right to freely associate, to join unions and to be represented by these institutions in compliance with the current national laws. For all of our employees, except for the Management of the company, collective agreements are valid. During the report period of 2020 violations of the right to collective agreements and to the freedom of association were not disclosed within the CHT Group.

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