CHT Sustainability Report 2021

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)


Clear environmental principles

We consistently take responsibility for our actions and minimize the environmental impact associated with our products and services. We give attention to the protection of resources and to the minimization of emissions.

Environmental risks

Despite our high safety standards, potential events such as fire, explosions or the release of substances cannot be entirely excluded. Depending on the type of event, the air, soil, and water may be polluted. Under very unfavorable circumstances, this can also affect people and the environment.

In line with this potential risk, we have taken appropriate safety precautions. Among them there are: action plans, alarm systems, extinguishing systems and collecting devices for fire extinguishing water and leaked chemicals.

In addition, the 42-member fire department of CHT Germany GmbH, which has been in place at the Dusslingen site since 1986, was officially recognized as a fully operational plant fire department on January 1, 2022. The colleagues work in 3 shifts to ensure the shortest possible response times to be able to guarantee hazard prevention, the legally required demand for the highest level of safety at the site and the constantly increasing requirements in fire protection.

Environmental effects

The production of chemical products and their processes consumes raw materials, energy, and water. Emissions are released into the air, wastewater and waste materials are produced. The systematic recording of all emissions was implemented to determine measures for reducing environmental effects. For evaluation purposes they were recorded in relation to the total production of all ready to use and intermediate products. The total production volume in 2021 amounted to 218,241 metric tons. In comparison to 2019 (196,563 metric tons) the production volume increased by 11%. Since lockdowns occurred worldwide in 2020 in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, resulting in at least a partial shutdown of production facilities and industrial operations, we decided to make all 2021 assessments in comparison with 2019. In 2021, the CHT Group benefited significantly from the catch-up effect across a wide range of industries. Nevertheless, global logistics bottlenecks and raw material shortages prevented us from being able to meet all demands.


Protected areas

We pay attention to sensitive ecosystems and protected areas which are in the sphere of influence of our facilities. Our site in Piracaia, Brazil, is located within a water protection area, we therefore only manufacture products whose production is approved there, and which will not have a negative impact on the water quality in the surrounding area. Thus, the water from the production area is completely cleaned, treated, and returned to the water circuit of the production plant. CHT Group also practices this in other locations, such as Pakistan and India, where it primarily supports national “Zero Discharge” efforts.

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