CHT Sustainability Report 2020



Promoting diversity on an equal footing

The globalization of our markets brings together many different cultures. We also reflect this diversity in our workforce. Our values form the central foundation for our international cooperation. They reflect the common ground of all employees in the CHT Group from more than 30 nationalities serving customers from over 100 countries worldwide. This diversity also has multiple meanings for the CHT Group:

Diversity also refers to the demographic situation at our company. Within the CHT Group this varies greatly from region to region. The common goal is to maintain the ability of our employees to work in all phases of life and to ensure the availability of skilled workers in the long term. Teams of mixed ages can also benefit from linking different skills and perspectives. The following measures were implemented to take account of the demographic situation.

We also promote diversity in management development. For example, this global approach is reflected in the high proportion of senior executives from countries other than Germany. In the meantime, 66% of management positions in the CHT Group are filled internationally. In our company men and women generally get identical application and career chances and they have access to the same opportunities for further education and training. In this way, we also try to further increase the proportion of women in all our management levels. The higher share of men in our executive levels has its root cause in the history of the chemical industry which was mainly dominated by men. In 2020, the worldwide share of female staff within the Group amounted to approx. 31% and has not changed compared to last year. The reason for the still low level of female employees is the large proportion of production sites. These still have a significantly higher proportion of men. The proportion of international senior executives and women in management positions is to be further increased within the CHT Group by 2025.

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