CHT Sustainability Report 2022

REPORTING PERIOD: January 1 to december 31
(2022 (editorial deadline may 31, 2023)

REPORTING PERIOD: January 1<sup>st</sup> to december 31<sup>st</sup>, 2022 (editorial deadline may 31<sup>st</sup>, 2023)


Corporate and leadership culture

In a world that is changing ever faster, a company’s ability to reflect on and develop its corporate culture and leadership in a strategy-led manner is becoming one of the decisive factors for success. Today, we are creating the culture and leadership style that will keep us competitive and effective tomorrow, for both customers and employees. We see having a strong common culture as a prerequisite for being a meaningful value-oriented company. For us, it is both the starting point and the framework for shaping the leadership style and creating trust among all our employees. CHT therefore consistently pursues the targeted development and implementation of the cultural vision and supports managers and employees in its implementation.

”ONE Winning Team“

The “ONE Winning Team” cultural vision is anchored throughout the CHT Group. All employees were able to engage with the new cultural vision in more than 100 workshops worldwide and reflected together on how ONE Winning Team can be lived in their daily work. In the areas COLLABORATE, CREATE, WIN and FOCUS, various measures were identified that support the teams and the organization to develop further in line with the cultural vision.

Several questions in the ONE Voice global employee survey also aimed to shed light on the current situation regarding the embedding of ONE Winning Team. The results of both the workshops and the employee survey will be incorporated into the next phase of the culture development process.

Overall, it has been shown that there is a strong team spirit within the CHT Group and a strong sense of community.

In 2022, the focus was on further strengthening cooperation and communication across departmental and company boundaries and systematically tracking the implementation of the measures derived.

Global employee survey 2021

The focus of corporate culture is on employees. Their feedback makes a significant contribution to the success of a company if, for example, it is used to systematically embed a feedback culture, improve employee retention, promote collaboration, and strengthen trust within the company.

Against this backdrop, CHT’s first global employee survey, entitled “ONE Voice,” was conducted in November 2021.

Through consistent global communication and follow-up of the results, measures were also derived in 2022 and targeted dialog opportunities were created. Measures were also launched to support our experts in anchoring the strategic topics. For example, workshops were held on the topic of digitization, which are now being offered throughout Germany. Furthermore, idea workshops were held on the topic of sustainability. This format is also to be rolled out at various locations in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and then globally as a second step. The resulting best ideas will be further expanded in Innovation Lab formats. The aim of these measures in each case is to inform and sensitize employees and actively involve them in the implementation of the strategic topics.

Further examples of the measures implemented or ongoing in 2022 are: Support for organizational changes, support after job changes and the implementation of various team developments.

In addition, the “ONE Winning Team” culture target was integrated in the form of a question in the annual global employee review “CHT Dialog”.

CHT leadership guidelines

The performance of companies, employees and teams largely depends on leadership. Good leadership is not only a prerequisite for the successful design and realization of corporate goals, but also contributes significantly to employee satisfaction.

Against this background, new “CHT Leadership Guidelines” have been developed and have been communicated worldwide as of March 2020. A total of nine guidelines are intended to convey the importance of good leadership to both managers and employees. They also help to translate the CHT cultural vision of “ONE Winning Team” into concrete leadership actions and thus provide orientation.

The Leadership Guidelines follow three dimensions: Lead Myself, Lead My Team and Lead Within The Organization. The guidelines include continuous learning and development, the promotion of a collaboration, focus and results orientation.

The guidelines were implemented by means of numerous communication and dialog formats and a targeted link to performance management.

To further anchor the Leadership Guidelines in the company, work was carried out in 2022 on the conception of a new management development program for top management. The Leadership Guidelines were also incorporated into the existing junior management program.

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