CHT Sustainability Report 2020


Leadership culture

The deliberate promotion and creation of a CHT culture helps us to anchor the long-term strategic goals in values and convictions. Culture is based on implicit ways of conduct, approaches, respective paradigms and social patterns and is greatly influenced by the leaders’ conduct. This means that culture and leadership are inextricably connected. Our leaders and their teams should contribute to the success of CHT in the long term. To enable them to fulfil their role, we offer our leaders learning and development opportunities at every stage of their careers and facilitate exchange and mutual learning through various formats.

„ONE Winning team“

The world and thus the market environment of the CHT Group are changing, and there are new challenges that we have to master in order to remain successful. With these challenges in mind, CHT Group has set itself ambitious goals with its Strategy 2025. In order to achieve them, it is also necessary to further develop the CHT corporate culture.

Based on the global CHT corporate values and the international team spirit, the CHT corporate culture has increasingly come to life during the Agenda 2020 and the “ONE company” initiative in recent years. It is now developing further under the guiding principle of “ONE Winning Team”.

The management and a team of employee representatives have developed a culture target image with specific areas for action, focusing on the four areas – collaborate, create, win and focus. In October 2020, the communication process started within CHT Germany as a pilot, and by the end of 2021, the culture target image “ONE Winning Team” should also be anchored internationally. The CHT corporate culture is a competitive advantage that has already made the CHT Group successful in the past. This will be continued with “ONE Winning Team”.

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