CHT Sustainability Report 2021

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)

Reporting period: January, 1st to december, 31st 2021 (editorial deadline april 30th, 2022)


Product responsibility

Responsibility within the value chain

We check our products along the entire value chain starting with the development through to production, in customer applications all the way up to product disposal. In this way we can identify possible health and environmental risks at a very early stage and reduce or in an ideal case remove them.

As part of our product responsibility, we work together with our suppliers, customers, research institutes and associations to continually improve the performance and sustainability of our products along the entire value chain.

Supported standards and quality labels

The major share of our products already comply with the requirements of the following quality labels:

We are working on the following quality labels and have products to be rated and certified:


number of all products bluesign® approved
number of certified products
ZDHC Gateway number of certified products2218>2250
GOTS 6.0 since 03/2020 number of certified products799>740
C2C number of certified products165>170
Reach® European chemistry standard number of certified products15>1680*

* total number of REACH-registered substances

Moreover, we are checking additional established quality labels and certifications. As a chemical company taking our responsibility seriously, we actively contribute to practical, target-oriented sustainability initiatives wherever it is possible to improve the protection of humans and the environment.

Focus on product safety

As a globally operating company for specialty chemicals, product safety is a key element of our product responsibility. Our products and production processes meet the highest safety requirements. In addition to high standards in process and work safety, our comprehensive product information and the avoidance of potentially critical substances are among the main aspects of our product range.

Uniform principles. No risks.

Complying with international laws and chemical regulations is a fundamental obligation for us. We operate within the guard rails of global requirements and specifications, taking up initiatives for responsible action and sustainability that the chemical industry has set itself as a goal worldwide. As an international group, we always consider our activities on a global scale: All over the world, we refrain from using products with AEEA and APEO although these substances are still permitted in some countries.


As a company with headquarters in the EU, we support its initiatives for chemicals legislation. We are actively supporting developments related to the European Green Deal and the transition to a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy. In this context, we are participating in the implementation of the REACH regulation and the development of the Chemicals Strategy For Sustainability together with other European chemical companies, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and our customers. In addition to registering new substances and updating existing REACH dossiers, we as a company are closely monitoring the more far-reaching REACH developments regarding substance evaluation (CoRAP process and SVHC candidate list) in an ongoing process that also aligns our corporate strategy.

In connection with the objectives of the EU’s “Green Deal”, the topic of “sustainability of materials and processes” will become even more important in our company in the future.

Sustainable products 2021

Products and process solutions contributing to a sustainable development are an integral part of our product range. Our declared aim is to continuously increase the share of sustainable products within our offer and in sales.


Business Field 2020 2021 2022* 2023* 2024* 2025*
BF Textile 67% 70% 73% 75% 80% >80%
BF Construction & Assembly 76%1) 31% >40% >60% >70% 76%1)
BF General Industries 53%2) 61% >60% >65% >70% >70%
BF Textile Care Solutions 73% 75% 80% 80% 80% 80%
Total 62% 65% 67% 70% 75% 80%

As part of “Strategy 2025”, portfolio management based on the sustainability performance of CHT products takes on a more significant role within the entire CHT Group.

In our “Strategy 2025”, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving an 80% share of sales with Eco Range products by 2025. In 2021, the sustainability assessment for the entire product range had been carried out uniformly using the criteria listed below, and a 65% share of sales was achieved with sustainable products. Reclassifications of SVHC substances and CoRAP listings have made this goal a major challenge.

Uniform criteria for the Eco Ranges:

Ecological criteria, e.g.

Sustainability performance in customer process, e.g.

Sustainability performance in manufacturing process, e.g.


We intend to further increase sales of our ECO Range products to a share of 80% by 2025. The focus of activities will be on the global ECO Top Core Ranges, supplemented by locally developed or adapted ECO Performer Ranges. The same sustainability criteria apply to both Ranges. TECHNO BEST comprises the range of products that do not meet the CHT Group’s strict sustainability criteria but are state-of-the-art and cannot currently be replaced either technologically or in terms of their performance. In the case of the TECHNO BEST products, the challenges under which the products can become sustainable have been identified and development projects have already been initiated in some cases. The PHASE OUT Range is expected to be reduced to less than 10% of sales by 2025.

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