CHT Sustainability Report 2020


Work life balance

Work and family balance

A good work life balance provides for permanently and highly committed employees at their workplace. We feel obliged to provide the corresponding conditions for our staff to facilitate a good balance between work, family and leisure time. Therefore, there are various work life balance offers at some sites of the CHT Group which range from support in childcare via sports and leisure activities to health promotion and social counseling.

Parental leave

In 2020, 246 employees (197 men and 49 women) of the CHT Group were entitled to take parental leave. 27% of them decided to take parental leave. 73% of all employees who had previously opted for parental leave returned to work in 2020.

Performance-related remuneration and social benefits

“Performance must be worthwhile.” CHT sees this motto worldwide as the basis for fair remuneration for its employees. In Germany, remuneration is regulated according to the collective agreement of the chemical industry on the national remuneration. Abroad our staff’s remuneration is oriented to the corresponding remuneration regulations of each country. Outside Europe, however, the CHT salaries are often clearly above the country average. Our international executives receive a non-tariff fixed salary with a goal-oriented, varying remuneration.

When defining this remuneration neither gender nor origin are decisive but exclusively the responsibility, function and performance of the corresponding employee. Entrepreneurial thinking and action as well as an above-average willingness to perform are additionally rewarded with a goal agreement system for executives in management as well as a performance-related bonus system for our tariff employees.

We acknowledge and it is our conviction that our staff contribute highly to our economic success.

The CHT Group would like to reward the employees’ commitment not only with performance-related remuneration but also with social benefits.

The social benefits differ depending on the country. In addition to the above-mentioned social benefits CHT Germany GmbH offers their employees a supplementary accident insurance. The leasing of a job bike, a staff participation program, a meal subsidy as well as an anniversary bonus are offered, too. At a great number of other CHT sites staff members can take out a health and accident insurance via CHT which is not legally mandatory in these countries. CHT companies located in industrial areas which are difficult to reach by public transport provide a shuttle service. Furthermore group-wide paid holidays are a voluntary additional benefit of the CHT Group.

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